DRE-Dr. Riss Ellipsometerbau GmbH is founded in the year 1989. We are developing and producing instruments for thin film measurements in the thickness range between 0.000001 nm up to 10 microns. In 1995 the company was honored with the Schmidt-Römhild technology award for the development of the first submonolayer ellipsometer.

The physical laws in the submonolayer-range are different from that of continuous layers. And so we have developed a special simulation physics on basis of Maxwell’s equations that is able to describe the molecular binding process very good.

DRE is making also customer-defined instruments for research and production. Examples are the lifetime prognostics of bonding wires of semiconductor chips, the in-process measurement of the coating of roof tiles or the polarization analysis of short repeating elliptical polarized pico and femtosecond pulses.

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